Sheraton, the trace of memory

Margarita Poseck MenzChile - 14 min
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In streaming from March 14th at 8 a.m. until March 20th at midnight UAE time

A visit by former political prisoners to the old jail building, in the city of Valdivia-Chile, where they were detained under the Pinochet dictatorship, activates memory and connects from the gaze a relationship with space, now in ruins, towards a construction of history from the individual to the collective.

Margarita Poseck has a degree in Philosophy, a Master in Communication and a professor at the Austral University of Chile in the areas of theater and image. She develops her cinematographic career from documentary and fiction in a joint effort with her sister Eugenia Poseck, who performs the work of scriptwriter and co-director in all the projects from her production company Poseck Films.
Located in what could be called a cinema on the margins, peripheral, they concentrate their work on the appropriation of complex geographic spaces, difficult to access, with a cautious ethic, attentive to what nature offers, to install small stories that allow "Speak" to these remote geographies.