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The Ajman Film Biennale URBAN VISIONS. Architecture and the Future of Cities, is a joint project of Municipality & Planning Department of Ajman and City Space Architecture, it is an international short film festival showcasing outstanding submissions from around the world, the first of its kind in the Gulf and surrounding Arab region.

The Municipality and Planning Department of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates was established in 1968 under the sublime directives of the late Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid bin Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi, and under the supervision of the government administration of Ajman represented by the emirate‚Äôs Executive Council. 

The municipality is located in the heart of Ajman city. Its scope of work includes the city of Ajman, city of Masfoot (located 110 km to the southeast of the emirate) and the city of Manama (located 73 km to the east of the emirate). The Municipality and Planning Department also has two main service centres situated in both Musfoot and Manama.

The Emirate of Ajman was able to identify its path to achieve the objective of Ajman Vision 2021, through establishing sectoral and strategic goals, focused on creating a happy society while also contributing to the development of a green economy, motivated by a government that is driven by the spirit of the Union which is based on four pillars: a) happy society; b) green economy; c) distinctive government; and d) the spirit of the union.

City Space Architecture is a non-profit cultural association established in 2013 and based in Bologna, Italy. Its mission is to promote public space culture, through an interdisciplinary approach, involving art and architecture. City Space Architecture advocates a general awareness on public space and urbanity in the contemporary culture, focusing on a shared vision of our common livable future. It works on education, academic research, and innovative, human-oriented design. Through a global community of scholars, academic professors, city managers, professionals, designers, artists and citizens, and a vast volunteer base and people at the highest levels in several countries, City Space Architecture fosters a critical reflection on our own world, in a multidisciplinary field of action.


1. Presenting the diverse realities of cities and communities locally and globally.
2. Understand the various issues faced in urban environments and learn about innovative solutions for our future world.
3. Enhancing dialogue between cultures and communities that coexist in cities around the world.
4. Promoting cultural and artistic initiatives, while preserving our urban and architectural heritage.
5. Supporting a thriving knowledge-based economy.
6. Reinforcing partnerships with national and international cultural and artistic institutions.
7. Promoting public awareness of the existing architectural and urban design of public spaces.
8. Studying, disseminating, and participating in architectural and urban culture with a clear goal: define a shared vision for the future of well-being and quality of life.
9. Enhancing the roles of art, architecture, design, and urban planning.
10. Knowledge exchange with a distinguished group of academic and professionals, planners, designers, and artists.


Luisa Bravo, City Space Architecture, Italy

Organizing team at the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department
Alya Obaid Mejlad AlShamsi
Maryam Mohammed Ahmed Abdulqader AlMulla
Maryam Eissa AlHumrani
Jawaher Abdulla AlHammadi
Hana Ishaq Mohammed Murad Alblooshi
Mohammed Ahmad Abdulla Mohammed AlMulla
Yasser Abdel Mohsen Khalil

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