Villa Portales

Cristian VidalChile - 17 min
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In streaming from March 14th at 8 a.m. until March 20th at midnight UAE time

Through the creative process of the visual artist Jojo Fuentes we will get to know the emblematic Villa Portales, a representative work of modern architecture in Chile, a social housing created to generate community, which currently contrasts with the large and inhumane buildings (vertical ghettos) that continue to overpopulate the town.

Cristian Vidal is an audio-visual producer graduated from the Chilean Film School, with experience in the areas of direction, script and editing, contributing with experience and creativity in the development of each project. He produces promotional videos, corporate videos for companies and videos for seminars, talks and massive events. In the field of artistic creation, his documentary and fiction productions highlight local identity, social issues of interest and value arts and heritage, being exhibited on cultural platforms on the Internet, open television and cable TV. He has been awarded at various international film festivals.